Sancerre 2019 , Bernard Reverdy, France


€21.00 per btl
Sancerre is today a Sauvignon Blanc stronghold in France’s Loire Valley, known for delicious dry white wines that can marry citrus, green fruit and grassy flavours with beautiful texture and refreshing acidity.

Our chosen Sancerre, from Bernard Reverdy, offers a Intense and fruity nose with aromas of citrus, exotic fruits and mineral overtones. Fresh, dry with green fruits and white flowers. What distinguishes this Sancerre from it’s peers is the near perfect balance.

You should expect a crisp nose, a mouth- filling freshness and a long dry finish, with those lovely green fruit and grassy flavours throughout. While Sauvignon Blanc is an acidic varietal, you don’t get a sharp bite but a clean crisp finish.

We reckon it’s the best Sancerre for the money in the country. You’ll never know unless you try it!

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Or the Sauv Blanc site at Wikipedia




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